THATS POSH is the newest delivery service taking LA by storm with its sustainable movement, servicing only organic cannabis products to consumers with a personal flair.

THAT’S POSH is seeking high quality sun gown cannabis brands to fill it’s 2023-24 menu. All related products are needed from pre rolls, concentrates to flower. THATS POSH is paying the highest rates for sun grown than anyone in the region, so let THATS POSH become your Direct To Consumer platform and Brand partner.

THATS POSH will servicing the greater Los Angeles Areas consumers with electric Eco-friendly vehicles to help its cause to save the planet now all they need is your brand. So if you’re a Sun Grown Brand representing the EMERALD TRIANGLE contact us today and start reaching consumers that are requesting organic sun grown cannabis.

If you’re an interested cannabis brand and would like to learn more, please request an intake meeting by emailing EMTRI AGENCY at For more information about THATS POSH visit

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