Compliance Means We All Win! Build Better Outcomes On The Crop Market.

The Crop Market is committed to operating in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations regarding cannabis-based products and services. We take our responsibility seriously to ensure that our platform is used only for legal and legitimate purposes, and we have established policies and procedures to help ensure compliance. We do not allow any ads for illegal products or services, or products and services that are prohibited under local laws.

In order to use our platform to advertise cannabis-based products and services users may be required to list information in active posts and website profiles or provide evidence that they are operating in compliance with laws and regulations, including any necessary licenses, permits, or certifications. Any users or listings not meeting the direct criteria will be removed from the website without warning. 

We also take steps to ensure that our platform is not used to promote irresponsible or unsafe use of cannabis-based products. We prohibit any ads that encourage the use of cannabis-based products by minors, or that promote the operation of a vehicle or other dangerous activity while under the influence of such products.

We are committed to providing a safe and compliant business-to-business platform for our users to advertise cannabis-based products and services. We will continue to monitor changes in laws and regulations related to the cannabis industry, and update our policies and procedures as necessary to ensure compliance.